Young poterist lost a record $ 870,000 for one hand in a game cache

Henry Pustinen-a 22-year-old Finnish poterist who prefers high limits to play online. For a long time personality "ButtonClickr" on the Internet remained a mystery.

A player with such a nickname actively "rolling" In plus dear hedz-up matches against star opponents. For example, in October 2020 "ButtonClickr" won $ 740,000 for 7,902 hands, mostly Victor "limitles" Malinovsky.

Debuting in Living Cash Gray in Hustler Casino, Henry Pustinin became the victim of a hard cooler. In historical distribution, a young Finnish player collided with Nick Eirboll and White Klein. Pustinin made a raise with a pocket steam Simium, Klein leveled with nine, And Eirboll has put $ 13,000 with one-way 4-5.

Flop 6-7-3 gave absolute Nats Eirboll and Top Seth Putustinen. On Torne came out a shaft that has not changed anything. Bill played a check of rail an oll-in and got the kol. The bank was $ 870,000.

Hustler Casino Live’s debutant Henry Pustinten did not make a re -buying and left casino with a loss in $ 367 700. In 5 hours of the game he won less distribution than lost, and most often he was terrorized by the same player – Nick Eirbol.