The best Hayerlers of the world played an EPT tournament in Barcelona for 25,000 euros

The European poker tour in Barcelona is only gaining momentum but is already the first multi -cum. Francisco Benites withstood crazy competition in Hirolery Battle and issued the second title of EPT champion.

EPT tournament in Barcelona with Bay-in 25,000 euros collected 50 participants. The warehouse came out incredibly star. Already from the first distribution seriously "They caught" Michael Addama and Arthur Martirosyan, which led to the loss of 80% of Australian stack at the beginning of the tournament.

To such Hayrolers as Stephen Chodvik, Nick Petrandzelo, Nikita Bodyakovsky, Daniel Dvosses, Timothy Adams challenged a Ukrainian professional Igor Yaroshevsky. In Barcelona, ​​one of our country’s best pointers the day before won 73,000 euros in the Mystery Bounty Tournament. This time Yaroshevsky did not go to the ITM zone, taking 26th place.

Chip-leader of the first day of the battle of Hayrollers became a member of the hall of glory poker Eric Sideel. The nine-melt lord of the poker world series was close to departure at the end of the day that he exposed from the flash drive against Set Jean-Noil Torel. The 62-year-old Sideel caught the desired card and stood. Also in the upper part of Chip Cyunt were Paul Fua, Francisco Benitez, Pedro Garansyani and Arthur Martirosyan. Prizes received 7 players from 9 at the final table.

Eric Sidel / Photo PokerNews

Uruguayan Francisco Benitez The day before he made a victory in Mystery Bounty, beating in the hedz-Apa of the Ukrainian Igor Yaroshevsky. In the second tournament in a row, Benitez again managed to enter the hedz-up, but this time he concluded an agreement with the Argentine Ramiro Petron. Uruguayts got 341 565 euros, Argentine – 306 705.

Malaysian businessman Paul Fua took 3rd place (174,000 euros), Arthur Martirosyan flew 4th (134 000 euros), and Eric Sidel completed the competition on the 6th line. There will be a lot of Hayroler’s events in the EPT schedule where a special place is held by Bay-in € 100,000 tournament, which starts August 14.