Magnus Carlsen Chess Champion can start a clergyman’s professional career

Magnus Carlsen is one of the most striking Grasmaster in the world. From an early age, the Norwegian chess player quickly rose in the world rating on the highest step. After another confident victory in the match for the title this year, Norwegian confessed that he wanted to take a pause.

Carlsen stated this in a sports broadcast Ether just on International Chess Day. Next year 5-time World Champion will be their powers. Magnus is not going to go completely out of sports but the world championship that needs grueling preparation, 31-year-old chess player will definitely miss.

Magnus Carlsen /

Fans immediately began to think: what would all mean? Thing is that Magnus Carlsen has long been admired. This summer Norwegian visited a world series of poker to play in the main event for $ 10,000.

After departing from the adventure to the vegas for Magnus did not end. He participated in cache to games with bay-in $ 20,000, challenging such legends as Phil Ivei.

Also in April this year, Carlsen participated in the Norwegian Championship with poker. He finished 25th out of 1,050 participants, having received his first official money in king-5 160 euros.

Now that Magnus Carlsen has decided to give up his chess crown, perhaps start paying more attention to poker. Such examples were already: Dan Harrington, Mike McDonald and Dan Smith began as gifted chess players before they gained poker glory and wealth. Magnus already has both wealth and glory. Therefore, everyone is curious to bring to the world of real professional poker.