Record Bank in the History of Offline Poker: How to win a million euros in 5 minutes

During the Triton Super High Rolller series in Montenegro cohort "Extreme" led by Philo of Ive, Tom Dwan and Patrick Antonius decided "bend adrenaline by veins" In the cache of Blinds 2000 – 4000 euros. The main one "star" The table was destined to become another proveri – Jason Kuhn who entered his name in the history of television poker. In one of the distribution, the American with a hand AQ staged real swings with a compatriot Keni Kasa, who went into battle with pocket dozen. On the preflopi, the case came to 5-beth, and the final bank was 1,847 000 euros. A solid amount went to Kalas boxing that gathered a set of a dozen. Kuna has a pair of ace.

Video distribution

Jason, however, did not despair and, turning on a little creative, with new forces rushed into battle. With his hand 5-6 worms, Kun caught a two-sided street-flesh dro on the flop and until the last ball was fired from Elton Canga. Hong Kong Representative with the Single King Seven in Torne to a pair of Simik received a flash Dro, and therefore the bank grew to 2 090,000 euros. Jason Kun on the last street still got the desired street and eventually won a record bank in the history of television poker.