Thousands of dollars and honor at stake: Negrean’s duel and a regiment will finally happen

This duet conflicts for several years and here we have already written about the details of the dispute. Each other they don’t like so much that for the duel against Negrean the regiment decided to restore a poker career that he had not so long ago completed.

Some time about a potential duel was not heard until Dag’s recently published a tweet that was indignant that Daniel was not in touch. Canadian appeared in the comments to this message and rivals right there began to negotiate the details of a duel.

So the match will start on November 1. Negrean and Regiment will play an online 25,000 hands in unlimited Holdm with Blinds $ 200/400. Starting stacks will be $ 40,000. Will compete simultaneously at two tables. In half of the distance (12,500 hands), the losing person will have the right to get out of the match, or, by common consent, at the same mark they will be able to raise the rates. Both agreed to be broadcast on the match and the commentator was famous by poker-pro Kane Kalas.

Opponents have left to reconcile a few more important details as on what platform they will compete. Yes, apparently, an ancient conflict will soon get its solution.