Poker School: Nicknames Starting Hands

Beginners at the table sometimes difficult to understand the already experienced players. Their vocabulary contains not only professional terms, but also poker jargon that took root in the game through certain associations. In particular a lot of nicknames in poker got starting hands.

The strongest starting hand in Texas Holdm – Hand Aces – Flies high. After all in the poker it is called ANDMerican ANDVialinia (English. American Airlines). Their abbreviation-A-A (English. aces – ace). And then there are visual associations – "balls", "torpedoes", or "rockets".

Hand Kings, K-K, give tribute to the ancestors of the game, they are called "cowboys". And the boilers, j-j, thanks to visual germination, nicknamed "hooks", Or "Keys".

Anna Kurnikova (A-K). Photo:

By the principle of abbreviation their nicknames received starting hands A-K and A-J. For Ace with the king did not invent anything better than ANDNNA KUrnykov. Like, looks good but rarely wins. Such a leitmotif accompanied the whole tennis career of a sexy Russian. In experienced poker hands, however, a-k can also become a serious weapon as ANDTired KAlashnikov.

Ace paired with a valent awarded nickname – Armani Jeans (armani jeans). And those who are not indifferent to football are called this starting hand Ajax, in honor of the Amsterdam Club (English. – AJAX).

Separate niche is occupied by starting hands that have received their nicknames thanks to specific characters, talk about the legends of poker. Say the hand 10-2 named after Doyle Branson. It is with a pocket "Branson" The famous cowboy for two years in a row won the main event. Has its own noun and once the youngest champion of the world of Phil Helmut. Pockets 9-9 brought an American victory on Main Event WSOP in 1989.