Poker Trilers: Best 2019 Cleament – Video

Already in Las Vegas there will be a large-scale Global Poker Awards 2019 ceremony. Among the 18 nominations will identify and the best gap last year. You don’t have to wait until March – you can choose the best, in your opinion, of four nominees right now.

Kol Ryan Riza Ol-in with 10-Hi

Ryan Reese – Main Event WSOP Champion 2013. He has earned over $ 14 million for his career. This guy knows exactly how to play poker. However, the decision he made in one of the distribution at the final table Ept Monte Carlo is something from the category of fantasy. On the Great and Small Blinds Meg Leder with his hand 62 and ride out of 102 came to the flop. Him, as well as Thorn, both waited, because no one gathered a single combination. Finally on Rivara loser with a larger stack on a burgund. Ryan, however, somehow miraculously guessed that the opponent’s hand was even worse than he was able to double his stack, taking away the bank for 10-hai. In the video all the distribution is disassembled in terms of poker theory.

Those nguen threw out Fulu House

The opposite situation. Vietnamese puffy Those Nguen at the PSPC-2019 tournament with Bay-in $ 25,000 came from athanasios Polyhopolos. Those kept in the hand of AQ and already on Torne gathered thrips, and ace on River gave her a Fulus House. Everything would be nothing but the polyhopolos had aa and therefore the elder Fulf House. At River Atanasios played a check-raise and seemed to be caught by Nguen in a trap. And she suddenly managed to heroic fold.

Blef Sem Trilekete

The famous British profile Sam Trketchers, with a career win over $ 21 million, last year remembered with impressive bluff. With AJ on board 7, 4, 3, j, 7 trimet put 3-bet Ol-in against two elite rivals Brin Kenny and Stephen Chidwick and forced both to throw away their cards. At the same time, if Kenny himself tried to bluff, then the chidvik sent a ready flash to the fold.

Brys Yoki "moved" Josh Arye

One of the largest Bed bits in WSOP history. The guys not in the Haldem, but in the tournament with 2-7 Tripl Dro, with Bay-in as much as $ 50,000. Without going into detail, this is not a very popular species of poker, we will tell you that Brysi Yoki defeat Josh Arye on the final table, only one card from the entire deck – 2 2. The chance to get it was about 1% . Josh’s rival just couldn’t believe what happened.