Painter-Gulvis “opens cards”

10 days without sex, practically complete rejection of marijuana and long daily hours by keyboard – Autobiography Dan Bilzerian is almost ready, only the names are missing. On the 360 ​​pages of their memoirs the infamous multimillionaire, poker and grandmother will share with readers many secrets.

In a poker community to Dan Bilzerian’s figure, most are skepticism. Like that this is a player who won the career in an offline tournament. The American, however, convinces that millions in private cache games, and rightly consider himself a poker professional. Obviously, the autobiography of Bilzerian will open the curtain, in particular, and in his gambling accomplishments.

Dan Belzerian. Photo: Twitter bilzerian

Another question that does not give rest to the numerous army of the bilzerian followers (31.4 million on Instagram), how much money he has and where he draws resources for a luxurious life. So Dan will not be forgiven if the author did not touch the theme of his father, a financial scammer, and did not share the story of his investment.

The lion’s share of autobiography Dan Belzerian, expected, gave to his ray life, in which he never lacked women, drugs and loud parties. Everyone who is looking forward to intimate details from Dan can speed up the publication of a book. Bilzerian will pay $ 5,000 to the author of the most creative and loud name for his autobiography.