Fate Gift: On Pokermatch played stunning Bed-Bit Jackpot

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Leading Ukrainian Rum PokerMatch often arranges actions and surprises for its players. This time, 1 130 000 hryvnias in one distribution were played on the online site of Rum due.

Happy distribution happened on PokerMatch behind Cash-Stol Haldem on limits 10/20 hryvnias. Two players with Nicks "_a_n_t_o_h_a_" and "Drun1488" gathered a fairly strong combination – quad.

The first did it on the flop. The second reinforced to the quad already on the River. Player "_a_n_t_o_h_a_" Long upset didn’t have to. After offensive Bed Bit, he became the owner of the head of the jackpot and received in one distribution 402 481 UAH. His rival who actually won the distribution, enriched the 297 486 UAH.

In addition, the winners of the prize became another 169 players who were behind other Jackpot Holds for that moment. Each of them received 1,035 UAH. On PokerMatch, catch huge prize prizes in Bed-Bit Jackpot can be at the desks with Holdes and Omaha, as well as in fast tournaments with Holdes and Ofc.