How movies affect the image of players in poker

Poker is often shown in movies. There are many tapes on this topic, but episodically poker is much more common even in your favorite many series, such as for example, "Friends" or "Supernatural".

Poker is associated with the criminal world

From "Scam" to "Schuler" and many other poker films, this game is often associated with mafia, gangster or illegal activity in general. There is a reason why it works because there are real examples of criminal activity related to gambling and poker. But, as in the case of any other movie reception, the image of something in the movie often brings the theme to the extreme.

Frame from the movie "Casino "Piano"

For example, the protagonist either plays against the mafia boss, or all the big poker games are held by gangsters who want to deal with the main character. Often, such films will also include scenes of robbery, betrayal and murder.

Actually be a player in poker not so interesting and dangerous. However, the Association in Movies helps to spread the stereotype that poker is related to the criminal world.

Unreal achievements in the poker

The plot line of poker films is often similar. The most common case is when the player has a difficult period and he first loses all his money and then gets a fateful win.

Frame from the movie "Schuler"

It will not happen in real life almost never, but it can be very dangerous, for example, for online players who easily make a deposit in any Rum. Beginners who are seriously taken over by such films can either quickly lose everything or spend a lot of time and effort to reimburse their losses.

Victory through a special system

In some films about poker, the main characters are depicted by geniuses that can read the cards of their rivals or use some own system. In fact, such a strategy is related to fraud or availability of a team of mathematical geniuses that constantly count numbers for each hand.

Frame from the movie "Twenty -one"

Some professional poker players can keep self -control in difficult situations and really understand what a range.

Poker is cool

When the viewer looks like Sean Connery, Brad Pit, Paul Newman or any other legendary actor plays poker, it is impossible not to think about how cool this game is. These charismatic leaders who often join beautiful girls make a game in poker very attractive.

Frame from the movie "11 Ouchene friends"

Hollywood’s film industry really affects the poker image in real life. The combination of love and hatred between films and poker exist for a long time and they continue to send ambiguous signals to the audience.

Equally important is the fact that films make poker more popular and more recognizable, helping to attract even more players from different countries and corners of the world to the game.