Family Case: As Greenwoods are rich in poker

Poker often becomes a family business. A husband and wife (such as Jason and Natasha Mersye or Phil Laka and Jennifer Tily), father and children (Doyle Branson and his child) can divide the capture of intellectual game.

However, one case "family contract" in the poker stands out on the background of similar. The thing is that in the Canadian Greenwood family three brothers became professional poker! To all, two of them are twins. It’s about Sam, Luke and Max Greenwood.

Definitely the most successful of the trio is Sam. It boasts over $ 22 million in prize in live tournaments and WSOP bracelet. Despite the fact that Sam is a regular participant of Hayer tournaments and trains other players, he often states that poker is not his main profession, because he is also actively trading on the exchange.

Twins Sam – a hatch at the poker table not as successful as brother but also not grazing back. He has over $ 4 million in prize and several noticeable victories. In particular, in 2020 before the beginning of the pandemic, Luke managed to win one of the Australian Poker Open tournaments, which brought him more than $ 400,000. Finally Max Greenwood is the oldest brothers. He won the least of all – just over $ 2 million. True, unlike a hatch, it has a wsoop bracelet. Max is playing less than the brothers by the last years because I decided to devote most of the time of wanders.

At the same time, last year he still took part in a sign event. In the prestigious tournament on Caribah with Bay-in $ 25,000, three brothers got to the prize zone right away! Of 1039 participants, Luke finished 98th, Sam-49th, and Max-47th.

However, at the table brothers, of course, cannot help each other. So on Triton Poker Super Highroller in 2018, Sam knocked a hatch out of the game shortly before the prize area. Sam, though he finished 4th then earning $ 1.5 million, so later he had the opportunity to ask Bliznyuk for forgiveness from Bliznyuk.