As the Iranian magician became a millionaire

Antonio Esfandari enters the fifteen of the most successful poker in history. For his career he has already earned almost $ 28 million. His success, unique talents and biography quite allow Espandiars to wear nickname "Magician".

The real name of Estfandari is Amir. He had to change him to Antonio because of peers harassing. The fact is that the poker star fled from Iran to the US when the boy was 9 years old. And already in America Amir became Antonio.

Of course, the refugee family did not luxuriate. At a young age, Esfandari had to work as a waiter at a restaurant. It was there that he began to learn a variety of cards focuses. Went out in a young man quite skillfully. And he even started to earn it. For which, in fact, and got a nickname "The Magican" ("Magician").

In Antonio poker came at 20 years old. His talent guy started showing up right away. And having studied the strategy of this intellectual game, Estfandari came to a high level. So far the top of his career is the triumph at the 2012 WSOP. Then he earned record at the time nearly $ 18.5 million. Seven years later the record of Iranian with American passport beat Brin Kenny.

Antonio convinces that poker helped him become the best magician and "magic" – made him more skillful. There are tricks in the arsenal of Esfandari when he "Reads" his interlocutors and so guess their card. In particular, this is how he was able to impress the famous American actor Kevin Polak.