Nedless passions: conflicts at the poker table – video

For the most part, pouring people are weighed and focused. The full concentration and control of emotions allow professionals to be so successful. However, when tens, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars, not all can save all. There are several times in front of you when conflicts at the poker table almost reached the fists.

Matus VS Sheikhan

Main Event WSOP 2005. The unwritten rule of living poker is in no way comment on distribution in which you do not participate. Spit on him decided Sean Sheikhan.

Having dropped the cards on the preflopi, he later reacted very lush to the outlet of the flop, thus making it. This was not tolerated by Mike Matus, who still stayed in the game. A hot dispute began between opponents, ended with a 10-minute ban on both. Matusov, however, avenged. It was he who knocked the Sheikhan out of the tournament, and he went out at the final table.

Matus VS days

And again in the lead role Mike Matusov. This time, during the expensive cache game with him, the owner of four bracelets WSOP (the Matus himself is so much) was unhappy with him. Sean resorted to a reception, for which a few prestigious establishments can be obtained at once a few kicks – Slourol. Once in the quads of fives on the flop, days got Ol-in from Matusova with JJ and played a whole performance, as if not wanting to do the kol. Most players at the table condemned Sean, and Mike, not picking up words, promised that after the next such elastic.

Sever VS Kates

Here, one of Scott Sivers (23 million winnings) and the top online Profi Daniel Kates were beaten here. Last during expensive cache game several times in a row made his move out of turn. Siverser directly accused the opponent of frauding. Further, the guys did not pick up the words ..

Helmut VS Twan

About Phil Helmut, of course, you can make a separate selection of scandals. Usually he disrupts anger on amaters who, in his opinion, are not worthy to sit with him at one table. However, in 2008 it got to another professional because. During the hedz-up championship Duel Helmut and Two lasted only three distributions. Tom has put Ol-in from 1010, which received a lightning kol from Aa Phil. Torne went out 10 and Helmut’s tournament is over. The table he did not leave until he told everything he thinks about the poker skills of two, or more precisely their absence.