Lithuanian pokerist turned $ 109 by 700 thousand!

Here and, literally, yesterday Lithuanian with nickname "Arbaarba" woke up rich. Invested for this only 109 dollars and, of course, their own poker skills. For the mentioned Balt amount, he won the satellite on a prestigious online tournament, a direct ticket for which costs as many as 1050 bucks, and a guaranteed prize fund was a striking $ 5 million!

When the game remained in three pokerists they decided to divide the prize fund, after which they continued to fight for the title. Arbaarba Lithuanian did not take off before the more experienced opponents and he became the champion of the tournament, earning $ 739,000 in prizes. Interestingly, the largest money piece was burst by the owner of the second place Brazilian Fernando "fviana" Viana – 771 thousand. All because at the time of division he had the biggest stack. Unlike arbaarba, for Fernando such a victory is not in novelty. Brazilian is a very successful online about who has already won $ 6.5 million for his career.

By the way, another Viana’s compatriot became another hero of the finale "Mr. Haavener". He took away to the tournament through Frrol, that is, not paying for the entrance of a penny! Finalized the Brazilian at the sixth step, for which he received $ 167,000 in prize.