Cornu strikes: +150 thousand dollars in two sessions

If you managed to submarine, as part of your chelange, the famous Profir Phil Galfund resists anyone who is ready to challenge him in a motto of Omah’s Pot-Blinds 200/400 and above. Galfund has already dealt with several rivals and seemed to be the same fate and for CHENS CRANT. For 9 game sessions owner WSOP Bracelet and poker trainer lost Phil nearly $ 300,000.

However, the opponents were paused and she accurately went to the benefit of the rope. In the next two sessions (which is over 1000 played distribution), Cex played with Galfund more than half of his lag – $ 159 thousand!

Thus began for him all not very good. Kornn lost a bank of over $ 50,000, causing sett and combo-lad on flop. However, neither the street nor the flash was closed, and the Galfon has the senior set. But later, Chonce took one after the other to win small banks, including several times revealing the bluff of the opponent on River.

So now Phil Galfon’s advantage has declined to about $ 120,000 and time to offset this gap in Kornut is even enough. After all, while the rivals played only 6,000 distribution of 35,000 planned.