Star pointers compared to the greatest football player in history

Disputes about who is the best poker in history does not subside for years. The names of Phil Helmut’s star Americans and his namesakes are constantly appearing in a kind of confrontation. Another wave of debate, as strange as it may sound, caused the main event in the world of American football – Superboules.

In social networks, poker fans staged a burner by comparing their idols with the legendary football player Tom Brady. Recently, the American won a record 7th title in the strongest league of American football NFL. So many trophies are not in the asset of any club for more than 50 years of competition history. There is no 43-year-old Brady and other records, so Quottebek is rightly called one of the greatest football players in history.

Many believe that Phil Helmut is a kind of Brady in the poker world, because he also has a huge number of regions and has been on leading roles in the intellectual game for over 30 years for more than 30 years. What is just worth the merit of Helmut at the tables of the world series of poker. These are a record 15 bracelets, and 57 final tables, and 143 get into the conscription area. "Poker Brat", which has never been marked with excessive modesty, such recognition has taken as it should. "Thank you for it, I feel that you have achieved something in my way", – wrote a poterist in his tweet.

Representatives of another camp, those who are ill for Phil Iva, with this statement categorically disagree. Their idol is objectively a much more versatile player than Phil Helmut. In addition to 10 WSOP bracelets, quives steadily shot in the world poker tour tournaments, and will not graze the rear in Hirolelers and expensive cache toys. So, according to many experts, it is Phil Ive like no one close to identification with Tom Brady.

Be that as it may, it is worth considering with the arguments of fans of both pokerists. And what is the difference, who is steeper – Helmut, or Ive. After all, both made a huge contribution to the development and popularization of intellectual game and poker only wins from their further confrontation.