Life during quarantine: pouring teaching to have fun

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, all poker tournaments have moved or canceled. Players responsibly diverged on their own quarantine homes. Humor, sports, communication and a little alcohol – everyone has their own variant of fun life during the period of self -isolation.

Say Patrick Antonius emphasizes that a great time to improve his physical form now.

Ben Lamba a little different recipe. He will enjoy the wines.

The network is screaming jokes that instead of chips at this time in king you can use toilet paper. Sam Trketcles valuable goods take home from Sochi.

Sam Trketc returns home

And Galen Hall in all arms prepares for a walk.

Galen Hall is preparing for a walk

Poker’s whales Daniel Kates and Eric Sideel continue to keep a positive mood. Kates on the social network joked:

Can get better with a coronavirus right now. Isn’t it better to get sick before the hospitals are crowded?

Sideel also demonstrated his sense of humor:

If we continue to live in quarantine then I have much more likely to be killed by a wife than pick up Covid-19.

As we can see, self -isolation is not so terrible if you keep a positive mood.