Preparing for one poker battle, the regiment “begs” for a few more

We will remind, now DAG continues to train hard before the principled and responsible match against Daniel Negrean. This is a principle duel whose is not only money at stake.

Although, of course, the financial side is also important. Especially. Also Dag and Daniel have agreed on the number of distribution (25 thousand) and limits ($ 200/400).

And, after all, the complex characters of both boys were still signs. Rivals began to argue and a duel that should start on November 1st, endangered the breakdown. Now the regiment and Negrean assure that they do everything possible for the match.

Dag, on the rights of the favorite, even allows himself to be acute in the opponent:

I went with poker. After that he did not play a single hand. Came back just because Daniel wants to give me his million dollars

But one conflict to the American is not enough. In parallel, he is still "drove" by several pokerists at once. In particular, a little attention was paid to the Metrovy Burki and Christian Somo. Obviously Dag is not going to keep energy for a fight from Negrean.