American Millionaire told how to earn a short deck of cards

Twwan gave an interview with Poker King. First of all, he noted that the popularity of shorts of De De Decker is growing significantly. According to Tom, this is logical, because this version of the game is very bright: high combinations here to gather easier. Accordingly, dramatic distributions happen frequently.

American convinces that a few pointers are currently understanding a strategy in this type of poker. Therefore, competition here is noticeably lower than in Haldem.

Twan shared his play strategy. The main mistake poker called non -aggressive actions in a good position at the table. In the king with a short deck, decisive solutions happen very often and it is difficult for a beginner to dare to rush into the Hornylo battle, even with a promising hand. Here you should play boldly, otherwise most of your stack will just eat.

Tom Twan has a rename person who is very skillfully bluffing and has a non -standard thinking. So no wonder that the American recommends not to be afraid to go beyond the usual strategy. The short dug is the kind of poker that can reward the brave.

For his poker career, Tom Twan earned less than $ 3.5 million in prize in live tournaments. Charisma and a bright game manner made American one of the most popular poresters of today.